FIRST Fundraising Database

To help teams cover find the money to compete, the Merrimack High School Chop Shop, Team 166, has decided to build a database of fundraisers. When complete, we hope this database will contain hundreds of fundraising ideas from all teams to be available to all from our team website and possibly in a paper version. To accomplish this we are requesting that every team contributes ideas that have worked well for their team. Please go to and click on the link labeled “fundraising” to submit a form about your successful fundraisers. We want to have a substantal number in the database before the regionals so that people can access ideas quickly in the rush to raise enough money for nationals.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea, as a rookie team this year our team has had alot of trouble raising funds… we are working on a total budget of $7,000… I would be glad to have a resource like this for next year

One good idea when working with fundraising ideas like Avon or Tupperware, or something similar like that where you usually have a “representative” working with you is a > 50% rule that we usually follow.

This is defined as if the fundraiser gives us at least 50% profit from the sales then we usually go with it. If we are only going to make about 30-40% (or less) profit then we usually skip it.

But of course these only apply to fundraisers like the one’s stated above, whereas car washes and pot luck dinners, and the like usually yeild a higher percentage of revenue towards the team with the only expenses being supplies.

Ummm yeah the chop166 thing doesnt work

Well this thread is from a year ago, they may have taken it down due to lack of interest. Perhaps you could PM or email the original poster and ask if they have the information saved somewhere or if there is a new link?

The thing about fundraising is that you need more people who have a business more mind. Not everybody in the team is the marketing team. You have to ask yourself the question, what do the people like. Give something that you know they will buy, or something thats in.