**FIRST**FVC Team Update**

Hello Teams:

We have just a few things to cover with you today.

Software Template Update

A note from the director of FVC regarding the most current software
template information - this information was sent in February, but it’s
important so we’re resending it in case some teams may have missed it:

Dear Teams,

FIRST is still hearing about small issues with the template and
master code. To the best of our determination, these problems have
been related to incorrect versions of the template or master
code. In a few other cases, the cause has been problems with the
teams own code. FIRST is committed to trying to reduce the confusion
and help teams have the proper foundation for their own code. The
attached document is an updated version of the guidance on the
template and master code. The changes are related to the problem
described below.

Recently it has noticed that if the Master code for MPLAB is used
with EasyC, the robot will work correctly with the jumpers during
testing and the autonomous portion of the match will work
correctly. The robot will not transition to operator controlled mode
making it useless during that portion of the competition. Please
make sure that you are using the correct master code.

For Easy C use the master code included in EasyC v. or
download it from http://www.intelitekdownloads.com/FVC2006/
or http://www.vexrobotics.com/programming. FIRST cannot confirm the
correctness of master code obtained from other sources.

Thank you,
George Marchant


Batteries and Battery Chargers

Because of the similarities in the equipment each team uses, we strongly
recommend that you put your team number on your batteries and your
battery chargers so you don’t leave them behind!

Go Teams!

FVC Support
<Same attachment as in previous emails>