FIRST: Fwd: SolidWorks Software support for US First Teams

Hello, Everyone!

Please see the message below and the attachment from Solidworks. I know that several of you have mentioned that you are using this CAD product in your classrooms, so this should be very exciting news. It gives others of you a chance to try them out to see if their software is a good fit for your students.

Please note that the form is to be sent back directly to Solidworks. The name and email address is on the top of the form.

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SolidWorks Software support for US First Teams
“Marie Planchard” <[email protected]>
Thu, 21 Dec 2006 08:09:37 -0500
“Christine Morse” <[email protected]>

Hi US FIRST Regional Directors,

Over the past month, SolidWorks Corporation has received numerous requests from US FIRST teams to obtain SolidWorks software. As a result, SolidWorks Corporation will offer the SolidWorks Student Design Kit (SDK) software to any US FIRST team that utilizes SolidWorks software for their design, with a local machine shop and or works with an industry mentor who utilizes SolidWorks. Our package to all US FIRST teams includes:

1 SolidWorks Student Design KIT (SDK) will run for 150 days and can be installed on all computers in a classroom.

1 Curriculum and Courseware DVD for teacher training, including PowerPoint presentations and additional projects

Access to our elearning tutorials for students

Access to our STEM Teacher Blog with additional robot modeling examples

Access containing 3D models in a variety of formats of SMC components and other manufactures

We only ask for use of our “Design with SolidWorks” sticker on the team robot and a jpeg picture of the finished robot for our Photo gallery.

Attached is the form to forward to your teams. Please email the form back to Christine Morse, copied on this email.

Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. Best wishes for a successful robot competition.



Marie Planchard | Director of Education

SolidWorks Corporation | 300 Baker Avenue | Concord | MA | 01742 | USA

Phone: +1-978-318-5388 | Fax: +1-978-371-7303 |

Sweet!! I am excited. Where is this form located?
I’ll have to see if my team got the e-mail blast and fill one out.

Solidworks = w00t! :cool:

Ill post it in a few miunuites.



I’ve waited for this moment since i joined FIRST…:smiley:
Now it’s time to build some solid robots in Solidworks :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a forum dedicated to SolidWorks. CAD Solidworks / DASI

DASI is a supporting member of Team 47. They support our team as well as provide Software support for Us.

I have 10 licenses of Solidworks that I use in the classroon as part of a Technology Course. Easy to use and very powerful. In fact there is a “SolidWorks” for dummies book in bookstores. The teacher guides and student guides make it very easy to get started. I prefer this package over Inventor.

Its companion is CATIA - same company. Harder to learn but more power.

Does anyone know if this is still going on? The link given above is no longer active, and I couldn’t find anything with a quick search of the FIRST and SolidWorks websites.

Here’s the file that was posted a while ago. I don’t know if it’s still going on, but we want to try to submit it soon even though it’s after the season.

US_FIRST_Form_Reg.doc (50 KB)

US_FIRST_Form_Reg.doc (50 KB)

This is SO COOL… looks like autodesk is going to have a little friendly competition, good to see that SolidWorks is getting its foot in the door. I’ve been a user of Autodesk, IMSI, Surfware, and SolidWorks CAD/CAM software for awhile since each has its strengths…

In my opinion, Autodesk has the best part creation tools, SolidWorks has the best virtual analysis and assembly construction/testing tools, IMSI has the best value (if a bit skiddish at times) CAM system that you can buy of course dwarfed by Surfcam Velocity w/TrueMill in capability… but also in price :rolleyes:

Wow… having COSMOS will save all first teams SOOOOO much prototyping time… :smiley:

reminds me… anyone from Xbot… you guys use solidworks right? do i remember right that you ‘prototyped’ your tube pickup system in COSMOS?


I e-mailed Christine Morse a little while ago to see if this offer was still valid, and it looks like it is - here’s her reply.


In order to receive the software, please fill out the survey form:
Please use this link.

If the above does not work then following these steps:

scroll down to “Design contests”

click on any of the icons - BEST, JETs, MATE

This will take you to the correct page. Click on “click here to receive

On question # 1, click on Other and type in “FIRST” and answer all the
remaining questions.

Canadian teams are more than welcome to the free software!



Christine E Morse l Education Marketing Specialist
SolidWorks Corporation | 300 Baker Avenue | Concord | MA | 01742 | USA
Phone: 978-318-5443 | Fax: 978-371-5088 | [email protected]