FIRST Game Changers Breakdown - The return of Infinite Recharge?

Check out the breakdown of the teaser for the new 2021 theme FIRST Game Changers at . Is there any chance that we could see a significant shift in how games are created in the future?


I think that FIRST is trying to make themselves more known throughout the global scene. This new “sports-like” theme could be their vehicle to do so. For the majority of people, the past few FRC games have been partly confusing to understand and therefore less fun to watch then lets say a soccer match where the task is very straightforward. This could be the type of model FIRST is trying to emulate with the games moving forward in that they want to increase the outside spectator scene, thus bringing in more teams through inspired students. TLDR: FIRST is most likely going to make games that emulate the sports scene and make them as simple to understand and fun to watch as possible while still trying to keep the added engineering challenges that games the past few years have given to us.


Welcome to the 2021 First Robotics Competition, and this year’s game: First BASEketbowling!


I really hope so. It’s been pretty hard to describe what is going on to people even familiar with FRC thr past few years. The games should really be designed so that anyone that walks in off the street can get a rough idea of how points are scored. Heck, I couldn’t figure out how Deep Space was played, even as someone who prior to 2019 was on a team throughout high school and mentored a team in 2017. 2020 did a better job at it, but I doubt I would have understood the recharge system if I didn’t mentor this year.


Robotics kids + sports = undefined


It’s funny to think that people now consider this new.

Emulating sports and marking themselves as a “sport of the mind” was an absolutely core part of HQ messaging through the late 2000s/early 2010s.


I think there’s a sizable contingent that would prefer the milder, “sports-like” themes we used to get. I suspect this is not going to be like that.


There are tens of thousands of FIRST alums and current students who were/are also varsity athletes. Let’s please kill this stupid and embarrassing stereotype.


Football game pls


Sorry bout that. It was just a joke but I understand how that could have been taken more seriously.


I’m still not a huge fan of the INFINITE RECHARGE 2.0 idea personally, and this trailer neither confirms nor denies this prospect from what I can tell. The fact that STAR WARS is back as a sponsor is back could mean that we get a similar game. The name Game Changers is interesting, and the video could be implying two things by the statement “It’s time for us to revolutionize the way we play and move.” This could mean one of two things. One, It could mean that FIRST is the there kind of sport that they want to use to revolutionize sports. Two, it could be referring to FIRST is wanting to revolutionize how it as a sport works. FUN’s analysis really focused on this and brought up about how FIRST is somewhat hard to follow for outsiders since it changes so much year to year, and FIRST could just do some slight adjustment to INFINITE RECHARGE from year to year moving forward. At least that is what I got out of it.
I have some issues with this Idea personally. For one, I think of FIRST as both a sport and a design challenge. It’s a challenge for teams where they have to use real engineering principles to design and build a different robot each year. However, unlike most design challenges, FIRST brings the competition and fun of a real sport. I think that removing the new game every year, would really hurt the design challenge aspect of FIRST which i think is an essential part of FIRST.
Now of course the biggest reply I know I’ll get from this is, Teams are gonna be in a lot of financial trouble after this pandemic is over. So FIRST should make some slight alterations to infinite recharge to help teams save costs. Honestly, for next year, while I don’t necessarily like it, I wouldn’t mind it. I just don’t want this to be an on going thing for FIRST. Also, if they do do a INFINITE RECHARGE 2.0 I hope they at least change the theme, which it appears they would due to the trailer.
If we do get a new game, I really hoping we do a football game. A game-piece we’ve never had before. Plus, I really like football.


I can’t look at a FRC football game after the past F4 CADathon…


I really hoping we do a football game.

Forget football I want a jousting game


Anyone else forseeing a First Frenzy style game where its a mashup of previous games?


And they say Avengers: Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover…


recycle rush + aerial assist is what in thinking

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If FIRST wants to reuse power cells after this year, I could see them doing something like Rebound Rumble. Changes stuff up a little bit while keeping a general idea of a shooter and a ball so most teams can keep their base while only doing minor changes such as changing some code or minor mechanical changes/

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The main issue I have with redoing IR is barring any groundbreaking changes(ie different climb or shooting spots) most top teams would not do anything really to their robot. The most they would do is driver practice and like much more refined autons. Plus there’s the whole yearlong build season issue to address.

That may not be as big of as issue as you thinking considering how few teams are able to meet due to the pandemic. (The infinite build season part)

But there are plenty of teams that went the low-goal route and don’t have shooters (at least in the strict sense) that could be forced into radical redesign by a scenario like that. This means some teams would get the advantage of a simple reset while others would be almost in the same situation as if it were a whole new game. That hardly strikes me as fair or as a way that FIRST would be likely to go for exactly that reason.