FIRST Game Survivor: Round 10

Here’s how it works. Each week we will “vote off” a past FIRST game until we have our “Survivor”

Voted off
Round 1: 2000- Co-Opertition FIRST
Round 2: 2001- Diabolical Dynamics
Round 3: 1995- Ramp n Roll
Round 4: 2007- Rack n’ Roll
Round 5: 2003- Stack Attack
Round 6: 2005- Triple Play
Round 7: 2002- Zone Zeal
Round 8: 1993- Rug Rage
Round 9: 2008- FIRST Overdrive

If you are unsure about past games, you can read up on them on the links below:

I am going to vote off “Double Trouble”. Since I only know from Aim High, Rack n’ Roll, FIRST Overdrive, and Lunacy, I have been looking up what the other games are. From what I am imagining, Double Trouble doesn’t really interest me (sorry to say).

I’ve been voting for it for the last 3 times. Hopefully this time it goes down.