FIRST Game Survivor: Round 11

Here’s how it works. Each week we will “vote off” a past FIRST game until we have our “Survivor”

Voted off
Round 1: 2000- Co-Opertition FIRST
Round 2: 2001- Diabolical Dynamics
Round 3: 1995- Ramp n Roll
Round 4: 2007- Rack n’ Roll
Round 5: 2003- Stack Attack
Round 6: 2005- Triple Play
Round 7: 2002- Zone Zeal
Round 8: 1993- Rug Rage
Round 9: 2008- FIRST Overdrive
Round 10: 1992- Maize Craze

If you are unsure about past games, you can read up on them on the links below:

yay, first vote!

“I voted for double trouble.”

Voted out Aim High.

Oh nooos, its like heresy

I keep voting double trouble, and it keeps surviving. Do people like it or do the dislike others more?

Just remember that Double Trouble started the alliance era…

Same here.

no offense to you Frenzy fans out there…but it really wasn’t that much fun to watch rounds of it from years ago…(thats just me)

i liked triple play and am mad its gone…Aim high was cool :slight_smile: it should win

Many old FIRSTers consider it to be one of the best ever.

Aim High and Double Troubled Tied? What is the world coming too…

I was not aware of that. Now I’ll need a new game to vote on…