FIRST Game Survivor: Round 12

Here’s how it works. Each week we will “vote off” a past FIRST game until we have our “Survivor”

Last week Aim High survived by only 2 votes. Will a titan go down this week? :ahh:

Voted off
Round 1: 2000- Co-Opertition FIRST
Round 2: 2001- Diabolical Dynamics
Round 3: 1995- Ramp n Roll
Round 4: 2007- Rack n’ Roll
Round 5: 2003- Stack Attack
Round 6: 2005- Triple Play
Round 7: 2002- Zone Zeal
Round 8: 1993- Rug Rage
Round 9: 2008- FIRST Overdrive
Round 10: 1992- Maize Craze
Round 11: 1999 Double Trouble

If you are unsure about past games, you can read up on them on the links below:

Hopefully this is the end of Aim High! If it is im going to have to do some research so i can make an educated decision next round.

Now that Double Trouble is off, I will have to seriously think about this.

Im deciding to vote off Torroid Terror. Personally, I did not enjoy Rack N’ Roll, and according to the FIRSTwiki, Torroid Terror and Rack N’ Roll seem very similar.

Shouldn’t you have been making educated decisions all along? I still can’t believe you guys voted off 1999…

I’m voting for aim high because the scoring for that game is the only one that confused me when I was watching match video.

I’m voting for 2004. Call me crazy, but I found the game quite boring.

For a spectator that knew nothing about FIRST, 2006 was the best game. They could walk into a competition with no idea about the game and a simple explanation of ‘shoot as many as you can into the top goal, get on the ramp at the end’ brought them up to speed. They then got to watch balls fly, bots shoving, climbing, and tipping.
2006 was the best spectator game by far.

This didn’t happen with triple play or rack and roll? Of the games I’ve really seen, aim high had the easiest scoring system. IMHO

Personnally, I didn’t do well in 2006, but the actual game was awesome. I hope they consider bringing it back some time.


Here is where I go pushing for an alliance against Toroid Terror.

Not realy. It’s the periods in aim high that throgh me for a spin for a little while. I liked rack and roll, even though I didn’t get to compete in it.

AIM HIGH must stay!

I think I’ll just post my voting strategy from now until the end.

  1. Torrid Terror
  2. Hexagon Havoc
  3. Tower Power
  4. FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar
  5. Ladder Logic
  6. Aim High

Hopefully others agree with me…otherwise I might have to rethink my voting a bit.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have been making educated decisions on games i know. If all the games i know that i don’t like get voted off then i will have to do research so i can continue to make educated decisions.

Still don’t understand the love for Aim High.

At this point, I’m voting off “anything but FIRST Frenzy”

Our team did real well at Aim High so I will not vote against it

Amen, brother. I’ve been voting against Aim High for the last 6-7 rounds.

And, I am confused by why 2000’s game got voted out so early. If FRC were to revive any game and do it again, I would prefer 2000.


Our team did real well at Aim High so I will not vote against it

Its not about how well your team did, its about what makes the game good. The strategy, ease of explanation to a casual observer, the excitement of the crowd, the different possible designs of all the robots(which is the thing i rate the highest when it comes to games), and several other factors.

I understand that people like games more when they have a competitive robot during that game, but i have had robots do not so great and still like that years game better than some years where the robot did well. I just like to look at the whole of the game rather than how well my team did that year.

I keep voting for 2006 too. I’m curous why 1994 is still there. I was hardly even alive then, but the description of the game doesn’t look anywhere near as fun as 2007. I may be wrong though. I haven’t voted against it simply because I have never really seen it played fully.