FIRST Game Survivor: Round 14 *Final Four*

Here’s how it works. Each week we will “vote off” a past FIRST game until we have our “Survivor”

Voted off
Round 1: 2000- Co-Opertition FIRST
Round 2: 2001- Diabolical Dynamics
Round 3: 1995- Ramp n Roll
Round 4: 2007- Rack n’ Roll
Round 5: 2003- Stack Attack
Round 6: 2005- Triple Play
Round 7: 2002- Zone Zeal
Round 8: 1993- Rug Rage
Round 9: 2008- FIRST Overdrive
Round 10: 1992- Maize Craze
Round 11: 1999 Double Trouble
Round 12: 1997 Torrid Terror
Round 13: 1998 Ladder Logic

If you are unsure about past games, you can read up on them on the links below:

:eek: :eek:

my vote is Hexagon Havoc

Keep '06 alive people!

Little too late, I already voted for it. :smiley:

With the games left I think 04 should run away with it. My favorite is still 07 though…

Finally, thank you
another '07 lover :smiley:

Rack n’ Roll is my favorite game, I wonder how the results would differ if we did a tournament instead of survivor.

That’d be a cool thing to do when this is done. We could use the reverse order in which they were voted off as seeding numbers.

I find it interesting that the games from years ending in 4 and 6 are the only ones left. I wonder if this means 2014 and 2016 will also be great games?

I personally think 2003 looks really fun, I wasn’t around then though…so I wouldn’t know. I guess it’s really hard to vote about games that you weren’t around for.

Personally I think 2008 should have made it farther because, like 2006, it was easy to describe to the Non-FIRST audience. Also I thought it was more high paced.

2007 is one of my favorites, if not my favorite, as well. I was sad to see it go so early.

I have to agree here, 2008 is one of the most underrated games. I think it’s mostly because people thought the no defense thing took out too much strategy. The other reason I think people didn’t like it is because of G22, which I had no problem with, but a bunch of teams did apparently. 2008 was definitley a great game to watch.


I enjoyed 2008 very much, since it was very easy to explain, very interesting and challenging concept, and was just overall excellent. It made me very sadface when it was gone, but I since I cant really vote to keep it alive, I couldn’t keep it alive.

I disagree. I thought, that once you understood the game well enough that is, that it was really boring to watch. I know some people are going to quote the finals on Einstein and Qf4.1 or something like that from IRI that year but I’ve seen them all and yea they were really good matches but i still found them to be rather boring. The most exciting part of the game was watching teams try and launch a ball at the end of the match, and not every team could launch balls so it didn’t happen every match.

I’d like to know how many people are voting off games they never competed in personally & why?

Just wondering.

At some point, you’d have to… or vote off your favorite games. Just because there are lots of people here that weren’t around for the early 90’s games. I only started watching around 1998, and that was watching the build. Started watching the games the next year, when the West Coast finally got a regional.

BTW, when is Lunacy going to enter and either get shot down or win the whole thing?

(And I think the reason 2000 went so fast is because people thought it was the 4v0…)

Probably because if people didn’t than few people would still be voting and the games would mostly be voted off in backwards order.

edit: Eric beat me

I peronally have been looking up the games online and watching youtube videos and such. I have a decent grasp for the games, but the only ones I’ve voted for are 2000 and then 2002 when 2000 went out, then 2006 when 2002 went out.(2002 and 2000) being games I never saw live. I do admit it is hard to vote for games you haven’t seen, but if we only did this with people that had been involved in all of the games, we probably wouldn’t have too many people voting.

Perhaps we should go the American Idol route with the “judge’s save” and have a separate poll to let one year’s game back into the main poll, voting for which game you want to keep.

I think this would be awesome! It would be interesting to see what would be voted back in, a game that was cut at the beginning, or a game recently cut.

To add more fun to this, it would be awesome if your rookie year listed determined how far back you were allowed to vote a game back in, that way you had to experience the game in order to save it. This would take forever to do though. If time only weren’t a factor, everything would be done.