FIRST Game Survivor: Round 6

Here’s how it works. Each week we will “vote off” a past FIRST game until we have our “Survivor”

Voted off
Round 1: 2000- Co-Opertition FIRST
Round 2: 2001- Diabolical Dynamics
Round 3: 1995- Ramp n Roll
Round 4: 2007- Rack n’ Roll
Round 5: 2003- Stack Attack

If you are unsure about past games, you can read up on them on the links below:

And why are people not voting off Triple Play?! Loading zones, people, loading zones! :wink:

<G22>, 2008 edition.

Then it sounds like you were never on the receiving end of a loading zone penalty. :smiley: A <G22> was obnoxious, but only worth about one “score.” A loading zone penalty was worth about one “score” on a rare occasions, but usually 2 or 3. Also, covering our robot’s perimeter with zip ties Thursday took precious time as we played the inevitable robot catch-up game.

Billfred appears to carry with him some influence! lol :slight_smile:

I’m not feeling the love for Triple Play here.

Honestly, that was probably my second favorite game ever, although Lunacy may dethrone it after this season is all said and done. Why? Because it was a very fun game to drive in, constantly kept the audience on their toes the entire match (even an average robot could strategically place a single tetra and swing the match thirty or more points), and at least for us, was mostly penalty-less*.

It was also the last year of bumper-less robots, the last year of wedges, and the first year ever with 3v3 alliances.

Nope. Triple Play should definitely survive to another day. 2008 (Overdrive) on the other hand, that should be the next one to kick the bucket. That game literally just meandered [mostly] in circles, racking up more penalties per competition than Triple Play ever did.

  • To be best of my knowledge, our team did not incur a single 30-pt penalty for our alliances ever that year. It was very simple that year to avoid penalties: don’t drive near that corner of the field if they were human loading!

Nope, we weren’t, but I can think of a case where one against the other alliance almost didn’t get counted…

We also played offense, not defense. Funny how that works.

And, as Art said, it was really easy to avoid penalties as long as you avoided any robots in those zones. <G22> was a lot harder–there were 4 places to get it, and at least one had a partial view-block while 2 were hard to tell due to perspective. That leaves one that you could see pretty well to avoid it…

I’m not sure which year bumpers were first allowed, but I thought it was 2005. Bumpers were not mandatory until 2008.

Bumpers were initiated in 2006.

Hey, I voted against triple play all this time. I disliked it before it was cool to dislike it.:cool:

Seriously? You’re voting off Triple Play just because of loading zone penalties? For one thing, I don’t remember them being excessive at all. And I may be biased, because our Triple Play robot was the best 840 has ever made, but I think the game was really exciting.

My vote was for FIRST Frenzy. I only saw it at an offseason competition, but I remember the game as thoroughly boring.

I voted for Aim High, i thought it was not at all exciting to watch. OOOOO robots are shoot balls, looks exciting at first but grows old really really fast. Plus their was that whole back bot thing that i thought was dumb as well. I happened to really like Triple Play i thought it was a very exciting game that was easy to follow from the stands and you could tell who was winning and who was losing really easily.

FIRST Frenzy was incredibly exciting to watch and not at all boring. It was my favorite game that i have been apart of. It was also the last year the robots didn’t all start to look the same.

I think many FIRSTers consider the 2004 game as one of the best ever. Between the last second frenzy at the bar, capping, de-capping, the many competitive robot designs, the lack of one dominant strategy, and some of the ridiculous and awesome robots, it was amazing. Stuff like 190 hanging in autonomous, 330 hanging early and using a giant pole to block shots (and having the ability to move on the bar to block opponents from getting up), 71 capping while hanging… I could go on and on.

No voting off 2004!

I made bumpers for my first robot in 2003 on 1126.

No, I’m also voting off Triple Play because coaching it for part of Palmetto with 1293 made my brain hurt to a degree I haven’t had it hurt since.

Right, but 2006 saw the premiere of BUMPERS, as standardized by the GDC with pool noodles and plywood and strongly-recommended 1000-denier Cordura Plus nylon.