FIRST Global Climber ideas

Recently FIRST Global has annouced the game and Team Brazil main question is: howww we are going to climb up to the high bar?

(213) Carbon Capture Game Explanation | FGC2022Geneva - YouTube

We think a game changer robot is someone who constantly is able to climb up to mid/high, however, they did not show any ideas on the video to climb to high bar

  • The robot height limit is 50cm
  • The Mid Bar is aproximately 110cm
  • The High Bar is aproximately 165cm

To reach the high bar, the robot must triplicate its height

does someone have done ideas to mid and high bar yet?

Hanging is a mostly solved problem in FIRST-type games.

The mid hang is close enough that you could likely do a curl-up with a single-joint arm. Several teams did this approach in 2010 in FRC, and there were several similar arms scoring in the FTC game Relic Recovery.

The high hang is going to require an arm to reach even higher and winch something in (and then do it with a slow enough gear ratio that friction holds it up, or with some sort of ratchet integrated—engineering trade offs are fun). Some FRC examples include 2004, 2016, 2018, 2020/21, and 2022, and you may find some useful FTC ideas from games like Bowled Over, Ring It Up, Cascade Effect, Rover Ruckus, or Skystone.

Complicating all of this is your power budget, which is tight by FTC standards. (To save everyone else from digging: six HD Hex motors with UltraPlanetaries, four Core Hex motors, six Smart Robot Servos.) So make sure your team is in agreement on how you prioritize other robot tasks (driving, carbon collection, carbon scoring, etc).

Edit: Missed the FGC-specific addendum on the link I found, there are more motors than I thought.


You can take inspiration from many Rapid React robots, and try to miniaturize it. Not sure how much space you want to give to this but there were many different designs that worked well. You can probably find different design and thinking processes by searching “open alliance” or “2022 cad”

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I’d speculate that the tight motor limits may stem from supply chain issues. Same with the buy-back program. It is going to be interesting to see what teams can do with this while staying within the rules… Of course, FGC has to assume no one can order parts outside the kit, to keep things fair. It is amazingly tough for some of the teams to get things – there are many inspiring stories about what teams have to do to meet, to travel, to field a machine, etc. It’s a really neat program. :slight_smile:

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From my understanding you can use up to 5x HD Hex motors and 3x Core hex once you factor in the FG Expansion Kit.

Quick look at the game, seems like 3 major power systems (Drive, Shooting, Climbing). This means with 5x total HD Hex a team will need to consider tradeoffs (no HD Hex for shooting or climbing, or only 2 drive motors instead of 4).

Maybe a team will do a 3-wheel kiwi so that there is an HD Hex motor left for both shooting and climbing. Then use 3x Core Hex for intake, indexing balls, extra climber bits, etc.

Seems like a pretty cool game, esp for a closed kit competition like Global. I could see using this for an internal team training for newer students who don’t have much/any training as a way to quickly get experience without doing a full FTC season. The field is relatively simple to replicate and the closed kit creates a cost cap so you can budget for it.

I noticed it late and edited—six HD Hex, four Core Hex. Which is much closer to FTC power levels than I was braced for.

I still expect some teams will forego shooting in favor of using the compressors and getting a faster climb. You’re much more reliant on your driver and human player being able to deliver, but there’s also significantly less tuning to be done on the robot side.

Agreed, the HP shot didn’t look that hard? So I could see finding a way to get the robot to just store a ton of carbon all at once and then dump a bunch to the HP in one cycle and let them just toss them in.

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Does anyone have a link to the kit of parts they give out?

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2022 FIRST Global Challenge: Carbon Capture / FTC Starter Kit V3 / Bill of Materials + 2022 FIRST Global Challenge: Carbon Capture / FIRST Global-Specific Components / Bill of Materials

The field in the video was not elevated the way it will be at the event so the shot looked easier than it was. Also note that Human players are limited to holding 2 balls at a time so there is an effective time rate limit on how long it will take for them to take shots even with tons of balls in the compressor.


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