FIRST Global Unite the Globe Scholarship Campaign!

Hi everyone,

The team at FIRST Global is excited to announce our Unite the Globe Scholarship Campaign. As you may know, last year, FIRST Global brought together 163 teams from 157 different countries in Washington, DC for the inaugural FIRST Global Challenge. This year, we’re heading to Mexico City, but fundraising is a huge struggle for teams. To that end, we are announcing a crowdfunding campaign where 100% of the donations will go directly to making sure any nation that wants to is able to send a team to Mexico City!

Please spread the word - the campaign page is located at

We’re also always looking for volunteers at the event and teams to join the FIRST Global’s Global Stem Corps, a program that pairs experienced teams with teams around the world who are still new to robotics. To learn more about getting involved, please go to

Finally, we’re always looking to add more teams and spread this opportunity to every nation in the world. Check out the teams we currently have attending here and if you know a team or someone that can serve as a mentor in any of the countries we don’t have, please connect them with me at [email protected].

I was able to meet some amazing members of The Afghan Dreamers (FRC Team 7329) while at the FIRST Championship in Detroit last week. These young ladies, who also participate in FIRST Global, received much attention last year after overcoming numerous obstacles to attend the FIRST Global Challenge in Washington, DC.

Many teams participating in the 2018 challenge will also face difficulties with securing the resources required to build a robot and attend the competition in Mexico City. I ask that you please spread the word about the crowdfunding scholarship campaign.

I hope you will also consider volunteering for the program as a virtual mentor. Volunteers (who can be high school robotics teams, college students, or professional engineers) work with teams across the globe online and over the phone to help them with mechanical, electrical, programming, and strategic advice.

Here’s a great videoin which Dean explains more about how and why FIRST Global was created.

Thank you!

I volunteered at FIRST Global last year. It was fantastic, and one of the highlights of my year. It was incredible to see so many people from all over the globe coming together. I believe any support given will be worthwhile.

Sadly, I don’t expect to be able to attend again this year.

If you have a chance to get involved or contribute, please do so.

I spent the last year as a mentor for Team Honduras.

Team Honduras as an example, lives in the remote village of Camasca, located on the mountainous, “Dry Frontier” of Honduras. They receive water in their village every other day and the electrical system is very unreliable. The average family survives on about $2 per day.

Yet the kids are amazing and so eager to learn about technology. I have made several visits to Honduras over the last year to train the students.

The point being that there are stories like this all over the world, from last year’s FIRST Global Challenge.

There are so many teams from poor villages that could use your help. Your contribution will have a direct and lasting impact. Please contribute to the scholarship fund, if you are able.

Thank you!

Alan Ostrow
Global STEM Mentor, Team Honduras
Founder of Team 341

Join FIRST Global’s Unite the Globe Scholarship Campaign to Fund National Teams of Student Innovators’ Participation in the World-Wide FIRST Global Robotic Olympics

Seems like a great opportunity. I know that FIRST started as USFIRST and I am always happy to see FIRST expand/succeed in the country of my birth but I welcome FIRST’s widening its focus to the wider world.

Dr. Joe J.

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The Global STEM Corps needs you!

From FIRST Global newsletter:
We are recruiting Advisor Teams with language abilities, especially French or Arabic! Advisor Teams mentor participating FIRST Global teams through the entire build process. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please email [email protected]al or go to for more information.

FIRST Global is still looking for Global STEM Corps Advisor Teams to help mentor FIRST Global teams from around the world! Many of the teams attending the 2018 FIRST Global challenge have little-to-no robotics experience. They are looking for experienced FTC or FRC teams to help the teams through the entire build process. Individuals can apply and be put into a group, but high school students cannot apply as an individual. We are also looking for teams that have special languages abilities, like French or Arabic.

Last year 84 of the 163 teams received help through the Global STEM Corps, and demand is even higher than last year, with 32 being mentored by FTC or FRC teams! It is a great way to work with students from all different backgrounds and spread your knowledge and passion for STEM! Please visit for more information and to sign-up! Questions about the program can be sent to [email protected]al