This video was created out of fun. The characters portrayed are fictional… well not really. Something to laugh at during the season, enjoy.

You will need quicktime or the Mpeg4 codecs.


haha, nice giggle. That last shot was nice, :]


Kind of makes you wonder why TV airs so much golf, and so little FIRST robotics.

LOL, Amen to that

Funny video, made me laugh :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m guessing to get to the field, from the pits, I’m gonna need a 5 wood, most certaintly a pitching wedge, and better though in a few irons? There really needs to be a FIRST Golf Challenge or something. Can you tell I play golf a lot?

I’m glad some folks found it funny. Gotta have a laugh, after 5 weeks of this stuff, you gotta find something to laugh at :slight_smile:

Very enjoyable. I kind of have a craving to do a little mini putting now.


haha aww thats cute… you even got an announcer with an accent…