FIRST Graduation Cords

Hello all,

We’re making a push within our school to allow for FIRST Robotics Team members at our school (FTC & FRC) to be able to receive, and wear at graduation, a Red, White, and Blue Cord to represent FIRST.

However, I was interested in getting some kind of charm with the logo of FIRST that could possibly be attached to the cord; something like the charm on a graduation cap tassel.

Anyone have any ideas or leads on this?


At our school, we had a steel chain. I think school school policy prohibits chains, so we kind of keep it on the dl until graduation.

The first thing I would do is to check with another activity sponsor that traditionally (at least around here) grants a cord or sash to students such as Key Club, National Honor Society, or Model UN. When researching for our school divisions policy we learned that a club/activity can grant a sash/cord/medallion to a student to wear at graduation . Our student leadership decided they wanted to be a bit different than most clubs so they designed a medallion and created the criteria for earning the right to wear it at graduation.

Some schools use red, white, and blue cords to signify students going in the armed forces.

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How about making the participation pins that teams received at their first event into a charm?



I want to wear some #35 chain at graduation but I don’t know how well that would go over with our schools administration…it’d be nice if we could have some sort of chords though!

Red, white, and blue is commonly National French Honors Society (NFHS).


Our main school “allows” students to wear the pins from the games, and any medals they win over their four years during the ceremony. (Ironically any of our students graduating from the class of 2009 or 2010 had four medals which made quite a sound when walking)

I don’t exactly remember how, but our lead teacher mentor was able to get the graduating seniors last year (including me) all green graduation cords (green for CircuitRunners of course). My point is if red, white, and blue aren’t available (such as for NFHS as indicated above), you could try going for your team’s colors instead.

Just an idea, at my school if you qualify for an honors diploma you walk with a stole? that says “honors”

What about getting ones with the FIRST logo on the right and maybe your team number or team name on the other?

Maybe if it was made from plastic or some other light non-dangerous material?

Just curious if anyone has anyone has been denied approval to wear cords to represent First by their school. This is the first year that our seniors have tried and because of other students putting up a protest, the principal told the robotics team that they could not be worn during the ceremony.

Yup, denied because then every other student wants a cord for football and volleyball and soccer and track and even Ap Art … like sigh

We were told the same. We gave our seniors FIRST cords anyway so that they could take pictures with them. Some wore them to graduation anyway, French honor society is the same colors so no one noticed

1058 kids sometimes wear the medals they won (or just one as representation).

To answer the original question–the FIRST Store has this exact item. It may be a little too pricey though.

Fusion 364’s graduating seniors where both the official FIRST cord and any medals won during the season, our school is very supportive of our team.

For 131, seniors receive two cords for graduation from Dave Kelso and accompanying mentors. Green and orange, to represent the team’s colors. And though I only wore the cords at graduation, some of the seniors in the past also choose to wear the medals they’ve accumulated over the years they were on the team.

This was such at my High School, so we couldn’t wear them during the ceremony.

We were, however, allowed to wear them in pictures post ceremony. While some of the students on my team wore theirs, I opted not to out of respect for my friends joining the military.

Please check with your school before wearing your Red White and Blue chords in ANY scenario. Please don’t upstage the fine young men and women dedicating (at least part of) their lives to their country.

Red white blue cords around my parts resident National French Honor Society. But more on topic, its unfortunate some places wouldn’t let students wear the cords because of a slippery slope argument.