FIRST has instructions on if you missed the deadline

From the twitters…

“Did your team opt-in to the INFINITE RECHARGE at Home Skills Challenge & miss the submit and lock deadline? Email (with your team #) by April 9th at Noon ET for instructions on how to submit a request for a late submission exception.”

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So the deadline wasn’t a deadline? Weak sauce.


Looks like it was a scheduled tweet if you ask me.

I have to be honest I am slightly annoyed with this. We have had since January to work on these challenges. There should not be an extension of the deadline.


Who is going to be harmed by this, exactly?


Time to spend another day going for that sub-4sec Galactic search!


Its only a request for an exception, not a guarantee. I doubt if you have scores loaded they’ll let you submit a new one and would only be for teams with entirely missing data.

In the meantime… @ channel “So who’s available tonight”


Well, we won’t know that for several days now. Potentially anyone currently sitting #1 in their group.


That’s a pretty mild notion of harm - and potential, at that.

Everything that happens in the future is potential, eh?

I’ll give you 100:1 odds on the potential failure of the sun to rise tomorrow.

The sun never rises, we simply rotate to have it in within our sight.


Good luck.


I wonder if FIRST will give teams that missed the deadline the option to upload their scores to the Samarium group: IRHSM FRC Event Web : Event Information

I imagine late-add scores to official groups would be a precarious proposal, but I wouldn’t be surprised it if happens. FWIW, we intentionally stopped filming new runs last night to give our media team enough time to edit our videos, and I submitted our scores this morning fairly seamlessly, ~6 hours before the deadline. This was closer than I would have liked, but we got lucky the FIRST system was so easy to use.

Personally, I find it hard to justify allowing a team that submitted some scores successfully, but missed the deadline on others, to get a late-submission exemption. In most cases, it seems like the burden is on the teams to submit earlier. I’m guessing the FIRST staff reviewing these requests is of a similar perspective, but we shall see.

Congrats to all the teams who submitted scores this year. That alone is an accomplishment.



Well said @Michael_Corsetto

I will say, as a team that couldn’t complete all of our runs – not every team has reliable infrastructure to do skills runs in a normal season, let alone in this covid-skewed year, and there were plenty of extraneous variables outside of teams’ control (for example, we couldn’t finish because after a string of electrical and hardware failures on the other days we were supposed to film runs, yesterday the balls ultimately absorbed too much moisture due to the rain and wouldn’t shoot … at all really). Could we have planned better? Absolutely, there are hundreds of things I’m analyzing to figure out where I could have done better. But that being said, I do feel this reply doesn’t really take into account the varying circumstances of every team, especially in this crazy year.


I don’t disagree with that, but I think a reason FIRST gave us pretty close to four months for this reason due to all of the extraneous situations. That being said there is always exceptions, just my take. That being said, I hope that everyone that was able was to compete in the challenges. I’m ready for regular FRC to be back.




Pretty sure this is only for those exceptions, not for teams trying to dial in their power port from 10 cycles to 11. Also agreed with that last part for sure, can’t wait to see people in person again

Especially with the uploading fiasco of online submissions earlier this year, uploading early to take these kinds of things into account should be (IMO) very much the norm, and a hard deadline needs to be the deadline.