FIRST Has Talent, 2013!

Hey singers, jugglers, actors, jokers, dancers and musicians! Yeah, this is directed at you robot builders who also moonlight as talented performers!

AndyMark, Inc. is proud to sponsor and conduct the 3rd and GREATEST show of FIRST HAS TALENT, to be held at the 2013 FIRST Championships!

FIRST has Talent will happen on Saturday night of the FIRST Championships (Saturday, April 27, 2013). This show will consist of 10-12 acts from students and/or mentors on FIRST teams. There will be a distinguished panel of judges which will be providing commentary during the show while also deciding upon a winning act.

The FIRST community is invited to sign up their acts! This is open for mentors and students attending the St. Louis FIRST Championships.

Event Time & Location
FIRST Has Talent will take place on Saturday, April 27th, from 7:00pm-8:00pm, in a 1,400-seat Ferrara Theatre within the St. Louis convention center.


  • Any FIRST team member(s) is eligible, students or adults
  • Acts may consist of one or more people
  • All content of the act must be family friendly and PG-rated
  • All acts must be approved through an application (more on that below)
  • Acts must be under FOUR MINUTES long, unless approved by submission staff

Submissions are due by midnight of Wednesday April 17th. All acts must upload a video of their act and make it a video response to our FIRST has Talent video announcement, Also send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Main contact name
  • Associated Team number (include FLL, FTC, or FRC)
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone
  • Link to your uploaded video
  • Name of the act
  • How many people are in the act
  • How long the act will last
  • What performance equipment will be used in the act brought by the performer(s)
  • What performance equipment needs to be provided by the show coordinators (other than microphones)
  • How many different microphones are needed for the act
  • Any on-line audition material, which may include a youtube (or other source) video of past performances or a practice of this performance (this is REQUIRED!).
  • Any other special needs

Acts will be notified no later than April 20th of being accepted into the show.

Audition Judges
AndyMark staff will be managing the viewing of act submissions. All acts must realize that they may have to modify their act or simply not perform their act, depending on the judgement call from AndyMark staff.

Competition Judges
A distinguished panel of judges is being assembled to crown the winner of the FIRST Has Talent show. These judges will be writing comments during the talent show acts and displaying these comments for the crowd to see. These comments will be in good taste, but may poke fun at the acts. Act performers will be encouraged and ribbed, as needed, by these well-meaning judges. The judges will determine a single winner at the end of the show.

AndyMark will provide an award for the winner.

We are looking forward to this great show!!

These comments will be in good taste, but may poke fun at the acts.

Understatement of the year :). This event is so much fun!

I am very confused by the “in good taste” part. That has never been a restriction before! :smiley:



Thanks for doing this again Andy!

Great time for everyone!

OHH snap… Time to work on my magic so if we make it to the Championships i can enter. :slight_smile: Andy marks you guys will be blown away.

So venue is Science Center, not Ferrara?


awe shoot pearl…
We just found out about this yesterday and threw together a potter puppet pals skit in about an hour that we thought could win. Oh well more fun shenanigans to do on the 26 hour bus ride from SUNNY south Florida…DUMBLEDORE!