FIRST Help Now Host Applications Open!

G’Day teams!

During the 2017 Steamworks Season, we developed and implemented a 24/7 call centre, to support teams with anything during build season. As a team who had started on a continent without any FRC teams, we know the importance of having easy access to help, at any time.

Over the build season, the FIRST Help Now team answered over 150 questions, with 4000 minutes of one-on-one support given over Google hangouts. This could not happened without the support of our fellow hosting teams:
166 Chop Shop
254 The Cheesy Poofs
359 The Hawaiian Kids
484 Roboforce
1884 Griffins
2826 Wave Robotics
2905 The Sultans of Turkiye
3008 Team Magma
3132 Thunder Down Under
3211 The Y Team
3339 BumbleB
3646 Integra

Since the 2017 Steamworks season is now over, we’ll be opening up registration to be one of the hosts for next year’s call centre. If you would like to help us, please fill out this Google Form here.

Thank you,
Team 3132, The Thunder Down Under

is this for actual phone calls, or like a google hangout chat?

So is this application for an individual or a team?

I’m definetly not experienced/knowledgable enough to be applying for this, but thanks to the whole FHN crew for putting together this awesome program! Your team helped answer more questions than I can count on one hand, and I’m so happy to see that you’re opening the program up to more teams/reps.

What an amazing and ridiculously fast way to help spread knowledge throughout all of FIRST!

Thanks to all the teams above for working towards an amazingly helpful 24/7 program!!


Hey, my apologies for the late reply. This call center will be held on Google Hangouts, mainly through the chat, but video calls are also fine.

We are mainly looking for teams, so that there is knowledge on all aspects of the competition, and also due to the time commitment required.