FIRST Help us

Posted by Joe at 04/26/2001 1:26 AM EST

Engineer on team #125, NU-TRONS, from Northeastern University and NU and Textron.

I have been on a FIRST team for the last 6 years. I watched TLC’s Robotica tonight and I am very disillusioned (sp?). For all the hard work in 6 weeks and we (FIRST) gets up stagged by a TV show??? Well if your upset about your effort going un noticed except for a few weekends a year (and when you say you build robots people say Battle Bots). Then write to FIRST and let them know your upset by being upstaged by people who have “limit less” time and limit less resouces to build thier bumber bots. FIRST is the way to go it is much harder to do. Let FIRST know that WE (FIRST TEAMS) need that kind of media and recognition.