First Impact Interview

Any tips on how to go about an interview? It’s my team, 3147’s, first time this year and we compete this march 3 - march 5th, anything is appreciated, thank you!

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The interview is to sell the judges on your team. Practice what you want the judges to know about your team. Tell the judges what you are excited about. The judges have gone over the submission, so keep with those facts, but add emphasis on what you feel is important. Make sure the presentation is balanced between the students. Each will be telling their own stories.
Be relaxed. Have fun.
The judges are thrilled that you are presenting to them. Sell them on your team

  1. Don’t feel like you need to use all of the 7 minutes you’re allotted as presenters. If you’ve said everything you want to say with the detail you want to say it, you can turn over additional time to the judges for more Q&A.

  2. I don’t advise having a memorized word for word script; having an outline to follow and knowing the content of that outline deeply is usually a better strategy. If you forget a word and you’re following a strict script it can be very difficult in the moment to recover, but if you know the content in your bones and the general roadmap you want to follow it’s easy to get back on track.

  3. The FIRST hall of fame keeps up a whole bunch of useful resources here as well as here, and elsewhere on their website.


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