FIRST in Alaska

I was on linkedin and saw this pop up in a sponsored Ad.
They have a full-time and internship position for FIRST development in Alaska !

JEDC seeks an exceptionally outgoing, organized, energetic, detail oriented, and graciously professional program officer to lead Alaska’s highly successful statewide FIRST Robotics program. This position has statewide visibility, requires extensive travel, and is lots of fun.

Anyone interested ?

(i lived in Alaska a long time ago… but I’m not connected to this job posting at alll… )



One a side note…

At the Boston regional, an Alaskan team was signed up, but the pit was empty. Would of been interesting to see their robot

There have been two FRC teams from Alaska throughout the years. They do not compete consistently, but we’ve seen them in PNW most often, I’d guess. They’ve always ‘struggled,’ for some definitions of ‘struggled’.

I do not know how large their FLL and FTC programs are, but I’d presume that this position would most likely oversee the development of those programs moreso than FRC.

Maybe with the creation of the western Canada regional, FIRST thinks there might be more demand for FIRST in Alaska

It is important to note that this job offering is not being made by FIRST it is being made by Juneau Economic Development Council the FLL and FTC partner for the state presumably to replace the person in the organization that was responsible for those duties.

The two intern positions are not related to FIRST activities one is STEM related while the other is not. Though they did co-opt the term Gracious Professionalism.