FIRST in Focus #4 - Libby Kamen and FRC 1923 MidKnight Inventors - Structuring for Growth and Design Style

FRC 2468 is excited to continue our FIRST in Focus Speaker series this week. Each week, we will be inviting experts from across FIRST to come and share with all. The idea is to have speakers share about a topic followed with Q&A by the attendees. We will utilizing Zoom Webinar for the presentation. All meetings will be recorded and posted for later viewing.
This week will be Libby Kamen and FRC 1923 MidKnight Inventors presenting. Libby will present on structuring for growth. MidKnight Inventor students present on their Design Style. Presentation followed by Q&A at the end.
The presentation is Thursday, May 7th at 7:00 PM CST.

Please complete the form for invitation to the meeting.

If you have suggestions for questions for the topic, please post them here.


Norm, got this when I tried the registration link…

FIRST in Focus #4 Libby Kamen and FRC 1923

This form is no longer accepting responses. Video will be posted on FRC 2468 Team Appreciate’s YouTube Channel and linked in the Chief Delphi post.

Form is open now. Thanks Richard.

Was the episode 3 recording ever uploaded anywhere?

Allen,wWorking on that today. Sorry for the delay. Not surprisingly FRC 1678 also provided answers in document format to all of the questions. Amazing team.


Thanks for putting this together, Coach!

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I’ve loved what 1923 has been doing ever since their Einstein appearance in 2015. Can’t wait to watch and learn more about their design styles!

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They’ve certainly made huge strides towards becoming a heavyweight since 2015. I really think 2020 was going to be their critical season if it hadn’t been for everything going on. But even in 2014 before the Einstein appearance they had a really cool robot, and those of us from MAR certainly recall 09 and '11. 2014 was definitely my favorite 1923 robot until this latest design.


FRC 1923 MidKnight Inventors and Libby Kamen’s presentation from last week has been published to YouTube.

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