FIRST in Focus #5 Allen Gregory and FRC 3847 Spectrum present

FIRST in Focus Speaker #5 - 2019 Woodie Flowers Award Winner Allen Gregory and FRC 3847 Spectrum will be the guest this week. They will be presenting Spectrum’s Do’s & Don’ts, Tidbits from our success. Each week, we will be inviting experts from across FIRST to come and share with all. The idea is to have speakers share about a topic followed with Q&A by the attendees. We will utilizing Zoom Webinar for the presentation. All meetings will be recorded and posted for later viewing on FRC 2468’s Youtube.
Presentation followed is Thursday, May 14th at 7:00 PM CST followed by Q&A.

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If you have suggestions for questions for the topic, please post them here.!


Question for Allen: How do you keep up with your build blog thru the build season? For example, how do you collect and organize pictures? Who does the writing?


Super excited for this, absolutely love following the build blog.

My question; what does your team structure look like for the students? Do you have student captains? Do you have sub-teams? If so, do your students stick to a single sub-team each year or move around?

Thanks for doing this Norm and Allen!


Question for Allen: Any tips for increasing the speed and usefulness of prototyping during the build season? What would you recommend for teams to do during the off-season to improve their prototyping skills? What materials or equipment would you recommend for improving rapid prototyping?


Dave, we are excited each week to host the guests. Our team is learning so much in the process and loving hearing from the presenters.
Marshall and Zebracorns next week.
No show on May 28th as that is our school virtual graduation night.
The Green Machine the first on June.


Allen Gregory and his students will be on tonight at 7:00 PM CST.

Libby Kamen and FRC 1923 video from last week is up.


Is the recording for this one available?

It seems to take a few days to edit and upload. The video will probably be available mid-next week, assuming they stay consistent with their previous schedule.

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That is correct. We are working on several different projects including FIRST Signing Day Virtual for next week. We will see if we can get it posted sooner this week.


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Looking forward to seeing the recording of this weeks seminar. Had a conflicting meeting and couldn’t make it in person

Allen Gregory and FRC 3847 Spectrum’s presentation is published to YouTube:


Thank you 2468 for hosting this discussion.

If anyone has any questions I’d be happy to answer them.

Do you share your full robot CAD? I’m really interested in exploring your implementation of dead axles, minimal thru bearings, and avoidance of hex shafts. Certainly something I’d like to be able to adopt on our team.


Thanks, Fat fingered there.

Our full cad is available here:


Thank you!

This is something that we have implemented heavily the past two season. We had used dead axle drives in every season (except one 2018) but most other mechanisms were still heaving hex shaft and hex bearing dependent.

In 2017 we started using the Versaroller shoulder bolt mounting method for a lot of shafts and learned to do those well. They made maintence much easier at the cost of having to check that the shoulder bolts stayed tight.
In the middle of the 2019 build season we came up with the 7/8" tube and needle bearing setup that we used on our 19 and 20 intakes.