FIRST in Focus #6 Marshall Massengill and FRC 900 Zebracorns - Present Software Development Practices and Emerging Technologies

FIRST in Focus Speaker #6 - Marshall Massengill and FRC 900 The Zebracorns will be the guest this week. The Zebracorns will be presenting their thoughts on software development. The team will talk about the challenges faced by software development in FRC teams and some of the solutions the team has implemented. The idea is to have speakers share about a topic followed with Q&A by the attendees. We will utilizing Zoom Webinar for the presentation. All meetings will be recorded and posted for later viewing on FRC 2468’s YouTube.
Presentation followed is Thursday, May 21st at 7:00 PM CST followed by Q&A.

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If you have suggestions for questions for the topic, please post them here.!


It’s also worth mentioning this is a 2 for 1 offer. @KJaget will also be there and talking about things. He’s pretty cool. I like him. Sometimes he even lets me mentor the students.


Will either of you be discussing how to make a robot move? :heart:

(For folks not in the know, this is a running joke between Marshall and I that 900s robots are more data center than robot. They do cool stuff.)


We strive to make harmonious robots now.

In all seriousness, we’ve come a long way from where we started with this whole experimental industry/academia robotics framework business and we’ve learned a lot that we hope we can share though we’ll aim to focus on development practices more than anything else.


Who will be providing moderation for Marshall? :innocent:

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His kid.


Much like his diapers, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

I’ll be on my best behavior. I promise.


Well, that one time it did come loose in the trailer on the drive back to the lab. But that wasn’t my fault, honest.


In preparation for the session. If you have questions ahead of time or things you are interested in that you want to ask about, this is as decent a place as any to ask them. We’ll save the responses for the presentation and session but happy to take questions now.

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I know my programming students are excited and interested to hear more about ROS.


In case you missed last week, FRC 3847 Spectrum’s video is up:
Check it out and be sure to come by tonight to here FRC 900 The Zebracorns presentation.

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I couldn’t come because of AP’s :frowning_face:. Will there be a recording uploaded to youtube or somewhere?

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Yes, there will be a recording posted on 2468’s Youtube channel in around a week


Very impressed with the students that were part of last nights presentation. Very well spoken, clear and concise.


@Coach_Norm have you uploaded the video for this one? I’ve had some folks reach out to me about it.

For the people on the call, we talked a bit about our white papers, all of which can be found here:

And specifically the ROS ones are here:

The earlier papers have a good overview of what ROS is and the papers evolve over time to explain where we are today (and a new one will be coming soon).

Hey Marshall, I have had some computer problems with the video. I believe I will get it uploaded tomorrow.
Thanks for the links. I apologize for the delay in getting it posted.

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Not a worry at all. I figured it had to be something like that. If there is anything we can do then let us know.

Video? :pray:

We had technical difficulties with the laptop the Zoom was recorded on. It was a corrupted file on the computer messing with all files. I am not a technical person in regards to the computer at all.
Many could have probably resolved the issue besides me. With it being a school district laptop, they got a redflag through a file on the computer hitting the network. They took the laptop and it was not high on the priority list of getting things ready for school this summer or even this fall.
The school district took the laptop and has had it over the summer. I am hoping to get the laptop and/or files from the computer later this week or early next week.
I apologize for the delay and lack of response.

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No worries Norm. I work in IT and I know how it can be when things go wrong. Don’t sweat it too much and hopefully they get it working for you. Hope all is well and you and your team are all staying safe and healthy.