FIRST in Focus #8 - Outreach and Robot History with Hall of Fame team FRC 987 The High Rollers

FIRST in Focus Speaker 8 - This weeks guest is Hall of Fame FRC 987 The High Rollers and James Campbell.

They will be presenting Outreach and Robot History of FRC 987 The High Rollers. Each week, we will be inviting experts from across FIRST to come and share with all. The idea is to have speakers share about a topic followed with Q&A by the attendees. We will be utilizing Zoom Webinar for the presentation. All meetings will be recorded and posted for later viewing on FRC 2468’s Youtube.
Presentation is Thursday, June 11th at 7:00 PM CST followed by Q&A.

Click here to register for the Webinar

If you have suggestions for questions for the topic, please post them here.!


Why 987 don’t share their robot CAD or technical blinder?


Not really a question, but in the interest of 987 robot history, there aren’t TBA pictures for any robots 2002-2012. Would you guys be willing to upload some?


Whenever our team finally gets back together I’ll pass along request to whomever is our media/historian. I agree though, “It’s Not Enough” :wink:


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