FIRST in Focus Speaker Series - #3 - Michael Corsetto and FRC 1678 Team share about Design "1678" Style!

FRC 2468 appreciate Michael Corsetto and FRC 1678 students for presenting this coming Thursday night in the FIRST in Focus Speaker Series. This is the third installment of the webinar. Citrus Circuits will take a deep dive into their design principles. This seminar will discuss topics such as how to design with manufacturing in mind, how to plan manufacturing resources, how to manage Onshape CAD and drawing releases, managing part numbers, and designing in the “1678 style”.
Presentation starts at 7:00 PM CST and will be immediately followed up by Q&A.
We will utilizing Zoom Webinar for the presentation. Webinar will be recorded and posted to FRC 2468 YouTube.
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Please post any questions you might have for FRC 1678 based on the presentation topic.


Is it going to be recorded?


Yes the webinar will be recorded and posted to YouTube.


Question for Mike: How is your team staying engaged during the Covid-19 shutdown?

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Question for Mike: What turned team 1678 from an average team to the powerhouse it is today? Looking at 2010’s robot and performance (for example) is very different from looking at more recent performance of the team.


Which robot do you most regret 1678 building (over ambitious, not ambitious enough, flawed competitive strategy, etc) and why? How would you change that season?
Edit: possibly excluding the 2019 passthrough, though that story would be interesting


What’s 1678’s process for settling on the overall shape (what I’d call the “archetype”) of a robot? JVN-style “crayola CAD”? Physical models? For something like your 2016 robot, how did you settle on “utility arm with an intake on the end, shooting out the front” versus all of the other possible ways of solving that challenge?

Inb4 the passthrough in 2019.


How do you make your competitive spirit and drive contagious in your students, and what is your onboarding process for new students?


How does 1678 narrow down different design ideas and pick one. How much do you prototype?


Once build season begins how quickly does your team start making prototypes and what methods of prototyping does your team like to use and have found the most success with?


Has your position on swerve changed over the last few years? If yes, how so?


What is the biggest non-technical driver behind team success? This can be 1678 specifically or in FRC generally.


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