FIRST in howstuffworks

FIRST is now featured on

I believe this is a major step forward for FIRST. Has anyone else spotted anything similar on a similarly well known site?

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. It didn’t quite fit the description of FIRST in the news.

That is WICKED cool. I just bought Marshall Brain’s book just a few weeks ago after discovering his website. Everything from engines to web servers to those glow balls is described in detail. It is by far one of my favorite books ever. I agree that this website is definitely a step forward in making FIRST even more popular!

I hope we’ll see more about FIRST on howstuffworks. Marshall Brain was in the pits and on the field at Championships on Friday. He seemed very enthusiastic about FIRST.

Thank you Marshall Brain and for sponsoring Team 587.


wow this is pretty cool! I am impressed. :slight_smile:

It is a pretty good article, but I did spot two minor errors. In the “Watching a Real Team” section, it mentions that the cost limit for the total robot is $20,000, instead of the correct figure of $3,500. In the “Building The Pink Panther” section it mentions pneumatic cylinders running at 20 psi instead of 120 psi. I sent them a note to correct the “nits” so we will see what happens. But overall, having FIRST included in the “How Stuff Works” web site is a great bonus!


Dave, Don’t the cylinders run at 60 psi? The accumulators are pressurized to 120 psi, but the cylinders are limited to 60 psi.

Side Note: I thought this was a good article on HowStuffWorks :slight_smile:

Very good article on FIRST loved it it. Great to see FIRST on the how stuff works website. Tom light saber thing is too cool love it. Oh yeah Mr.Lavery good job on correcting those minor issues on the how stuff works article have to make sure everything is perfect. :slight_smile:


If I’m not mistaken, that was posted last year right around Championships…

While he did make a few mistakes (it’s hard to take ALL of FIRST in on the first go) the article was excellent, and actually serves as a superb summary that could be handed out to prospective teams…

thanks! thats awsome stuff!!!

how stuff works is a great resource and im glad FIRST is a part of that! :D! AWSOME!

thanks the guy who made that site :smiley: