FIRST in Michigan and wait list question

As a relatively new lead mentor, do any of my FiM mentors know when event changes will be completed? We were wait listed for our second event and only have one confirmed. Both my team members and the school are becoming a bit restless but I don’t want to be a PIA if there are still things happening in the background that I am unaware of. Thank you in advance for any insights.

Sadly, it really depends. We have had it happen at various times through build season.

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I would recommend reaching out to the event coordinator for the event you are waitlisted for and see if they can give you an estimate / let you know what the hold up is. If you don’t get a response within a week or so you can always escalate to Gail.


We’ve never been waitlisted, but have found that Gail and FiM leadership are very quick to answer questions when asked and can get you the information you need as quickly as they can. They also could provide other options for events that may fit your schedule and have room available without the need for a waitlist.

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My understanding is that there was an issue with one of the events. They need to move teams out of it and into another. After those teams have a new event they should fill up the others.

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The Petosky district has been cancelled. We have already been moved to a new event.

What event are you waitlisted for?

Not one. Several.

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I don’t think the “normal” answers will be used this year. I can’t imagine what’s going on trying to get events scheduled with record breaking Covid numbers right now.

Even if it were a normal year, the number of teams and events don’t add up using the usual 40 teams per event calculations. Now throw in Covid.

We’re in the same boat, with only one event allocated. I’m sure everyone is doing everything they can to try to work this problem, but it won’t be easy. I wouldn’t assume that the way it has worked in previous years is the way it will work this year.

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We just got our second event selected. I would just wait a day or 2, it seems they are processing the backlog now.

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We are wait listed for Week1 Detroit at Cass Tech (which I completely understand the wait list for) but already said we would be happy to move to Week 1 or 2 at Kettering.

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