FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championship looking for a few judges

Hi everyone!

FIRST in Michigan is hosting remotely the FTC State Championship this upcoming May 22. We are looking for a handful of judges to round out our field of 30 judges for this great event.

I thought it would be really cool in this remote format to get some judges from out of state to check out some of our best teams!

The top 52 teams earned their way into this competition and are eager to tell you all about their season and programs. You will work in a team of three judges with the help of our great panel of Judge Advisors!

Note that these students, per the design of the progression of programs in Michigan, are all middle school (grades 6 - 8) teams.

To help you through signing up, I’m attaching my “How To” Guide. Would love to see some judges from all over to help put on this great event!

CRITICAL - We need you to sign up before Tuesday, May 18 as FIRST is doing their annual rollover of the Volunteer Management System starting on May 19 through the 21. Thanks!

Volunteer Registration How-To Guide FTC 2021.pdf (5.5 MB)

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