First In Michigan Offseason Dynamic Retroreflective Targets


I was helping to setup the field for the 2014 Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash, and was told that the dynamic retroreflective targets were unavaliable to FIM for offseason.

My question is, did they have them for kettering kickoff? The videos i have watched appear to have the targets stuck to the plexiglass, and not on the pivot mechanisim. But can someone who was there confirm?

If there is no dynamic target to be had, then I have some work to do…

There was no pivoting at Kettering Kickoff.

We were at the Kettering Kickoff and looking forward to participating in the Bot Bash this weekend. I seem to remember they had someone physically operating the retroreflective targets during autonomous. I think this was only when a robot was using them for hot goal detection. It may or may not be a big deal if no one is using them for hot goal detection.

Thanks for the information!

For this past 2014 season, we have always used those dynamic targets for our autonomous program.

I guess I will be looking at CheezyVision, then.

We encountered this issue in Minnesota as well.

When we received our field back from championships in May and set it up for the state high school league championships, we didn’t have the targets. There was one team that was using them, so we got four extra volunteers to manually flip a team’s practice targets.

I’m not sure of any details beyond that, but we received the vision targets later and have been using them at our other off season events.

On an earlier thread I seem to remember you mentioning that you had hot detection at Kettering Kickoff, did you use the retro tape?

Yes, we did.