FIRST in Michigan YouTube Channel

Has FIM decided to not upload match videos to their YouTube channel this year?

They normally don’t get footage of every event. If they end up posting it cool, but there’s a lot of events that go unrecorded.

I noticed all the streams were done with their standard full field gopro on a stick. Seemed like the last few years everything was posted within minutes of the match ending with any missing matches done overnight.

I’m not holding my breath for seeing video this year, but I was counting on it for some planning and pre-scouting training for students.

I also can not find video of the matches, and likewise I was counting on those video for game analysis.

Is there a way to see the footage from, where they were broadcast live?

We found this archive of the Kettering University #1 district event. Hopefully the videos from other events get posted, I really want to see how the other robots played (especially after seeing some of those scores from Waterford :yikes:).

Here is a playlist of our matches from Standish. They are recorded from the stands, not the nice gopro on a stick recordings from next to the field, but may help a little bit…

The Kettering video is no longer there or there is just a short one with dancing. I could find Week Zero at Merrimack but that is all so far. YouTube, you are letting me down. Looking for video to prep our all rookie drive team. Any postings to YouTube videos of the full field from week one would be appreciated.

FiM videos are now on Youtube.