FIRST is one of the exhibitors at the WIRED NEXTFEST this September!

Robot Row

Christine Southworth
Ensemble Robot

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
FIRST Robotics Competition

Hanson Robotics, Inc.
Humanlike Conversational Robots

Intelligent Robot Lab, University of Tsukuba
Robotic Hand

Kokoro Company, Ltd
Actroid DER

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),

Robo Garage, Kyoto University

Juke Bots

Shadow Robot Company Ltd.
Shadow Dexterous Hand

Tohoku University
Partner Ballroom Dance Robot

1923’s gonna be there!

I’ll be looking forward to seeing the exhibit. I’ve been planning all summer on taking the train up with the Seg in tow to see the event.

I believe a total of 9 teams is invited to the NEXTFEST.

This is just another reason I really want to go to next fest, if any one is planning to be there friday night and would like to split the cost of a hotel room that would be awesome, I want to take a train down from Albany that would arrive around 3 and spend some time at nextfest friday and saturday however I am lacking a place to sleep, if any one is interested email me [email protected]


Just a clarification: There will be 9 teams invited per day. The format will be where 6 teams are on the field at a time for exhibition play/matches. And 3 teams will remain in the pit to talk to spectators. This is going to be a fantastic event that we hope you will come down to see. Coming would also give you a chance to preview the future home of the NYC Regional!

For details about NextFest, check out


I just ordered my ticket yesterday, and have been trying to figure out transportation Bus/Amtrak/Tram/etc. I have been talking to my cousin who may possibly come in from the Scranton area. Send me a PM if you’d consider splitting with two people, or where you were looking at staying - rooms at the Hilton are booked.

I’m gonna be at NEXTFEST along with team 375 - the Robotic Plague.

If anyone wants to meet up, feel free to PM me.

Anyone else want to tell us if they were invited? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they hadnt moved NextFest out of Chicago. Now its sooooo far away in NY :frowning:

But IMTS is still in chicago, looking forward to that. :smiley:


Have fun!!! I worked NextFest last year and it was probably the highlight of my summer… My advice to anyone who lives in the area and is not presenting is to volunteer. There should be a link on the NextFest website. Sure it’s a lot of work but it gets you in for free, you get a free t-shirt, and you get to come early & stay late and chat with the inventors!

Nextfest sounds great. Team 334 Tech Engineers will definitely be in the house to help spread the ancient cult of FIRST Robotics. HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYS NEXTFEST!!!


I plan on bussing down to NYC to be at NextFest.
Who else is going?

Should I bring my nice FIRST polo shirt… just in case? :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan to be there on Saturday with my FIRST shirt.

I’ll be there too (not sure what day).

And volunteers are needed too.
Senior Mentor John Park will be coordinating the field management/volunteer.
A good time to learn the scoring system, announcer and field manager.


Hello to All from Team 75!

We were wondering how your team is going to bring the robot to the Javits Center during NextFest. Are there any security restrictions - it’s NYC?

Our team was thinking about using a big truck to bring multiple robots from several teams and splitting the cost among the teams to save money. Would anyone be interested?

  • Eric
    Team 75 - Hillborough, NJ

It’s a good idea to share a truck or van. Javits will allow you to drive into their loading docks off of 12 Ave. I’m not sure what the loading dock arrangements will be. Be prepare to unload your bots or you may have to allow the dock workers do the unloading.

Good question about security- check with your regional director or Senior Mentor.

Where Can I purchase the tickets?
Would this be the link?

And I assume I have to buy each daily ticket seperately?


Nevermind I followed my instincts and bought the tickets =) See you all there I may be in various colored shirts varying from a couple of old team shirts or FIRST polo shirts.

Anyone intrested in free admission?

You’ll have to work for it, were looking for a some volunteers for each of the days preferabbbly people who can work more than one day.

No expierence is required but the jobs will include field judging and field reset so knowlege of the game is a huge plus.

If your intrested send me an email @

[email protected]

Anyone have a list of teams that are participating?

Here you go:

Team # Dates Participating
11 Th, F, S, Sun
40 Th, F
75 Th, S, Sun
333 Sun
334 S, Sun
354 Th, F, S
365 S, Sun
371 Th, F, S
375 Th, F, S, Sun
395 F
522 Th
694 Th, F, S, Sun
743 Th, F
1155 F
1676 Th
1923 S, Sun

Come support these teams as they represent FIRST at NEXTFEST!!!