FIRST in Philadelphia Inquirer

The Inquirer did a piece on our team and FIRST in Monday’s issue.

You can find the article here:

Videos from that day of our bot being driven and powering our shooter prototype can be found here:

Great article and press for your team and FIRST. Make sure the reporter gets invited to one of the MAR events or the MAR championship at Temple for a follow up!

It sounds like you guys have a great group of students/mentors, but if you need anything let us (1712) know. Most of our students are rookies this year but myself and my fellow Lockheed mentors are more than willing to provide some assistance if needed.

I always love to see a philly team get some props, especially rookies :smiley: Be sure to keep that publicity going! With 17 mentors, including yourself, it definitely sounds like you’ve got the experience there to make your team successful.