First in Texas District Championship Format Question

Was just wondering how the official divisions would work at District Champs this coming weekend. Would it be just the top two teams playing against each other on the final field or would it have multiple from each division playing another set of round robin and then having a final playoff on a final field. Thank you in advance! Good luck to all the teams competing this week!


You will have the 2 divisions play all the way till both have a division winner, then they will go head to head, best 2 out of 3


Who doesn’t like a 16 alliance playoff bracket?? The longer the playoffs the better!


Thank you so much! Where did you find the info I’ve been looking everywhere XD.

A final field with multiple teams would have been very cool!

Section 11.8.3 of the game manual, specifically after point 6.


Well there will be a final field with 6 teams but it would be very hard to do district playoff points using a round robin format.

Map of the event on the FiT page for both FRC and FTC: This doesn’t explicitly say 2 divisions but I would infer.


For the sake of Texas teams, I hope the plan is for two divisions. NOT Octafinals!

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The frc-events page says it has two divisions.

Associated Events

This is a District Championship event that has Divisions. This page has information about the top-level event, where the penultimate matches are played and awards are presented. To view match results or awards from the fields that are a part of this event, select the field from the list below


Huh, you’d think with FIT Champs and World Champs going on in the same building, they’d essentially just set up two fields in the same layout as worlds so that there’s less work to be done to set up for worlds. The fields look turned 90* to how they usually are at GRB.

Since this is only in 1 hall of the GRB and ran by a different organization (FiT vs FIRST) I would guess that all of this is completely torn down and none of it is used for champs (plus the venue would probably require it unless it is rented out for 2-3 weeks straight).


We’ll just bring back this ol gem :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point on different organizations. I’m new to this district thing. :slight_smile:

Yeah my team was knocked out in the Octafinals. That was not a real surprise (although a shredded gear was one of the factors).

The much more surprising result was 2767/33/1684 being also knocked out in Octafinals. I guess the reason we have to play the matches, rather than just simulate them, is that stuff happens.

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Divisions will go out Wednesday.
There is an algorithm for how divisions are split up to aid “fairness” based on district points. This algorithm is published.
There are 2 divisions and the winners will play each other. (FMS already has these named)
UIL champion is determined by total district points at the end of awards.

Splitting the main championship into 2 divisions really dilutes some of the high level play we could have seen - and causes teams to be less prepared for worlds.

Another inconvenient caveat is that UIL is based on district points so some teams could be put in a position where accepting an alliance increases their chances of winning the event but ensures they lose UIL - or declining to have a worse shot at the event to maintain a shot at UIL. To anyone not in the know - most school districts in Texas care more about UIL than even winning worlds. The old system of the winning alliance getting it was so much better.


As someone not in the know but curious - do you think a district/school would explicitly forward a directive to a team to optimize for UIL standing over “world progression”? Or conversely be explicitly disappointed in a team who did not optimize for UIL standing?

Sorry, non-Texan. What’s UIL?

I wouldn’t say an admin would be so direct, but I think the point John’s trying to make is rather that a Texas team would probably benefit much more materially from bringing home a UIL title more so than a world championship. It’s just a matter of ringing home more clearly than a relatively unknown world title-- everyone in Texas knows what a UIL title plaque means, more than a blue banner atleast.

Overall, I think its obvious that it’d be much more preferable if the incentives to win a UIL title lined up better with the incentives to just outright win the DCMP as well.


UIL is the University Interscholastic League. This is the umbrella organization for extracurricular activities in Texas schools. Ranges from athletics to academic to music and I am likely leaving activities out. I think it was 2018-2019 school year that robotics became a part of the UIL.

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