FIRST in the news...

Would a forum dedicated to posting links to news stories about FIRST, its teams or events be useful?

I thought it may be nice to have a single location to go to to find stories that could be used for promotion purposes, but I don’t know how viable it would be to keep it updated – since it seems likely that stories will disappear or change URLs after a time.

Well, we could always go with the old forum standby of pasting in the text of the article along with the link… :slight_smile:

Doing that would help to ensure that the articles are archived.

Yeah, as long as the text was copied in along with the URL, it will be fine.
I’ll make that forum later today. Someone remind me if I forget.

When that forum is made, can someone post the story about the VCU outbreak? I haven’t been able to find it yet.

as from the post regarding tacos, here is the link to an article online:,0,5317998.story

Here ya go:

I also (per request of IMDWalrus) added a NASA forum. Since there are alot of threads about NASA stuff, and they end up in multiple forums, he thought it may be good to have a place where all of those threads can call home. I agree.