FIRST Inspires Team Management System is a Pain

Why do I have to log in after I have logged in?

That is all


Haha. Oh, boy. Every third or fourth time I log in it pauses on the dashboard and sends me back to the login screen.

When I click on an FRC Blog link here on CD, it pauses on the blog post, then sends me to firstinspires dot org. Not sure if its a browser thing, but it is annoying.


It’s done this for years. I assume it’s to try to drive away volunteers since they’ve never bothered to fix it.


The double login bug is super annoying.

Anyone else think the team member registration is overly painful. Our team members think they are done but the only indication they aren’t registered with the team is a small red icon in the upper right corner.


Everything you said, plus losing the student roster every year, plus parents rarely actually getting the invitation emails, plus the phone based UI being a nightmare…

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imagine if a nonprofit centered around STEM education could maintain a functional website


I ended up with a kid in my profile who… Is not my kid. Same last name but in a place I’ve never lived and a team I’ve never interacted with. I worked with HQ to get them removed but until them I had full access to all of their information. Cringe.


Let’s not talk about the TONS of very personal information they require from hundred of thousands of minors, and their parents. And I’ve never heard a reason of why they need that much information, and what they actually use it for. (With absolutely no alternative to keeping your data private by not providing it)

Student Reg needs to be simple!


Sections 4 and 5 of the FIRST Privacy Policy do say what they use it for. It doesn’t always do a good job of stating why.

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Maybe not a technical problem with system itself, but…

I would appreciate it if we didn’t have to sign permission forms online, then print the list and bring it to events. Why can’t the event staff have the ability to see that our team roster exists and forms are signed?

It was one thing when we were still doing paper permission slips…


I would guess limited internet access at a number of venues.

Yes, it’s not exactly the most sensible way to do things. But if you ain’t got internet access because the field is taking all of it, then it ends up sorta working…


Yes. And it’s specifically section 5-h that concerns me.

To solicit donations for FIRST or FIRST Partner Delivery Organizations. We may use your personal data, including name, email and mailing address to solicit donations to support the FIRST mission.

Why would they use student’s names, and addresses to solicit donations? They don’t explain if that means they are mailing out “donate to FIRST” flyers TO students. (Not likely. My students have never received anything in snail mail from FIRST.) Or if they are mailing out things to potential sponsors with student’s names and addresses on them, or providing sponsors with a list of names and addresses. None of which I’m comfortable with.

The point is that I honestly can’t think of why they would need to use the names and addresses of STUDENTS to solicit donations. I understand this is a general privacy policy disclaimer that apply to everyone, including adults, volunteers, and anyone who registers, but it doses not exempt them from giving the personal information of a minor to a potential donor. In fact, it specifically allows for it.

*I would like to state that I DO NOT think that’s what FIRST is doing and I’m simply using this as an example. The truth is I don’t think FIRST should be collecting the addresses of minors. (And maybe other information.)

I think they really need to take a good look at what they are collecting and only collect what is absolutely necessary. Especially from the students.


I mean hey, at least they aren’t my high school and storing SSNs in a three-ring-binder on a random, accessible bookshelf.

Given the state of the UI, I am terrified when considering data safegaurds. It’s a good thing I have a long list of fake addresses and proxy phone numbers for stuff like this…

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I have come to believe that the Team Management System falls under the game design committee, and is just an evergreen challenge, like bumpers.

Its just a signup website, they could make it much easier if they wanted to. But robots are hard, physics implacable. Starting your season fighting with a wierd, clunky website is just a warmup for the challenges to come.

But why inflict this pain on innocent parents and volunteers you ask?

Because much of modern life is so well engineered that it just works. Its good to show them a simple thing that “should” work, but doesn’t. Welcome to robots.

That’s my theory.

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