First instance of rare events

Post video here of the first alliance this season to complete any of the following:
4 rotors engaged
40kPa at any time
40kPa in auto
2 rotors engaged in auto
3 climbs
total score > 300
>30 consecutive successful shots

Add any other requests for rare events you would like to see as well.

Is a 300 point total score rare? It happened the first qual match of Hub City and first four of Lake Superior.

How about the first alliance that gets all 4 RP (win=2, 4 rotors=1, 40kPa=1)?

I think he meant for one alliance.


355 in Q18 at Hub City.(100 points were penalties though)

Q19 at Hub City just posted 355 for Blue Alliance of 3366 159 624.

I’m going to adjust it to be 300 points after foul points have been removed.

This will never happen.

In autonomous? I don’t know.

118, 5783, and 3847 just got the first (ever?) kPa ranking point!

Q1 at west valley had 0-10 points.

Seems like we’ve stumbled upon this years’ Loch Ness monster challenge.

Except there were triple balances that year… Nessie may not be far from the shore here.

306 scored in Qual 22 at Palmetto with 1553, 2815, and 3824 with no fouls.

I’m not quite sure how this is possible. You’re guaranteed 40 points with that tower gear…

Look at Hardin Valley repping Tennessee!

They may have forgotten it.

Not far at all. :wink:

30 Consecutive shots you say? Well, we have yet to actually mount a shooter on our robot to shoot balls, nor can our robot actually hold balls currently.(Unless you gently set them ontop.) But it’s something to work towards right?

Hey Lil’ Lavery, how many cookies do you think I could score from ya if our team pulls off such a feat? :wink: