FIRST Interactive Rural SupporT

Dear Rural Support family and friends:

 This year the Cybersonics Technology Team is again promoting the FIRST Interactive Rural SupporT program in attempts to support, maintain, strengthen, and begin rural FIRST Robotics teams. We are looking for new teams to join into the efforts of this program. If your team is interested in being a member, please e-mail [email][/email]. Please include your team name and number, team website URL, and services you are willing to provide to assist teams in remote and rural locations. 

We hope you decide to become a member for this upcoming season.


Cybersonics Technology Team 103

For those who haven’t seen what the initiative is about, please visit:

To see a list of participating teams and the services they are providing, please visit the “join us” page. Remember, you need not be a rural team to join. You only need the desire to help teams succeed in their remote locations.