FIRST International Partners

As a response to an issue highlighted in another thread, Cyber Blue Team 234 is creating the “FIRST International Partners” group.

Cyber Blue will coordinate matching US based teams with International teams that might need help obtaining special materials (like game balls, plastic tubs, etc) and any other special needs (like travel planning, etc.).

The goal is to facilitate a bond between two teams that may be separated by thousands of miles. Ideally, the teams would remain partnered for several years, not just a saeson.

We will find a great way to identify international teams that would like a US / North America based partner and also identify US / North America based teams that would like to be sponsors / partners with a team.

While it may be too late for helping with parts for the 2004 season, we will get this in place quickly so that teams can partner for the balance of the 2004 season.

While we things get in place, PM me or reply here if you are a team in either group that would like to participate. Be sure that you have an OK from your team leader before you commit!

Watch this space for more details.


Eight Team have agreed to participate in FIP’s (FIRST International Partners) for the 2004 Season. We hope all of these teams continue into 2005 and that any new International Teams join as well.

Some of these teams already have get-togethers planned, and a few are already working together to arrange for parts deliveries and other needs.

If you are a part of one of these teams and need more details - please talk with your team mentors.

Thanks to all of the teams that have agreed to be a part of this new program!

Details and a special FIPs forum area can be found at . Follow the links for FIPs. (information being added now). Questions can be sent to [email protected] .


Team 25 (New Jersey) and Team 1382 (Brazil)

Team 294 (California) and Team 1156 (Brazil)

Team 233 (Florida) and Team 759 (England)

Team 234 (Indianapolis) and Team 383 (Brazil)

These are all of the currently active International Teams that we are aware of. There are also three teams in Puerto Rico - We do not know if they have the same issues as the International Teams but this is an open invitation for them to participate.

Team 383 in Brazil has offered to coordinate new teams from Brazil that would like to join in a partnership with a US team. Brazil is expecting a significant growth in FIRST teams in the next few years.