FIRST Jeopardy! (10/1)

Well, we all know Jeff Waegelin won. Let’s give him a round of applause.

::waits for clapping to end::

David Hoff took silver, and Meli W. took bronze. With all that being said, check back at 22:00 for your regularly scheduled Jeopardy fun. :cool:

Jeff Waegelin, long time viewer, first time caller, wants to see if you know this: the number of bricks, 107,501, in the Lurie Bell Tower on North Campus at the University of Michigan is the same as this “big” number on campus. Jeff can’t play today (and it’s his fault if this is wrong), but I’m offering a 500 point bounty on this one, giving the person with the correct answer (alright, question) a nice cushy lead to start.

19:28 PST: What is the number of students who have graduated from Michigan?

What is the seating capacity at “the Big House”?

btw… Purdue will beat UM

Andy B.

what is the number of ketchup packets used for french fries on any given day?

Close Mike, but I believe Andy’s answer is correct. Mr. Baker, welcome to first place.