FIRST Jeopardy! (11/9)

Check back around 21:00 EST.

For 300 in video games, it’s Humans vs. Cybrids in this cult classic game line.

What is Mission Force: Cyberstorm?

(I believe it was written by one of the creators of CC, but I’m not sure)

What is Starsiege?

Sierra game

What was Earthsiege, and is now Starsiege.


You guys are too young. He’s talking about a “classic” game.

It’s Dunk Hunt!

I played that thing 20 years ago.

Gimme my points,
Andy B.

what is E.T (for the atari!)

Ahh!!! Big Mike has infiltrated Andy Baker’s mind! Run!!!

Anyhow, I asked for the line of games, and Earthsiege would be right (Cyberstorm & Starsiege would fit into the line, followed by the 2 Tribes games). It’s a very intriguing story if you ever read into it.

Does that mean I win?

It started as Earthsiege, then with the Mars bit decided that Earthseige wasn’t proper, and Mars Siege didn’t sound right, so Starsiege.

Tribes I was developed seprate from Starsiege.

Its been awhile since these games came out, so I may have crossed things in my brain.


Yeah, you got credit. Anyhow, it’s all the same timeline. It started with Earthsiege, then ES2, SS, SS:Tribes, Tribes 2. Again, a really interesting story if you read it.