FIRST Jeopardy! (12/11)

It’s theme week time again. Let’s spin the wheel and- OW!

::slips on banana peel and spins wheel uncontrolably::

Ooh, this may be a while. Check back at around 22:00 EST.

And the subjsect is (inspired by a question last week): Pokemon! And yes, I have lost my mind. :slight_smile: But for 100, largely used only for novelty value in the first set of game boy games, this shapeshifter became the ultimate pimpmaster when mating was introduced in the second set.

What is Ditto? (My little cousins played the game a ton and I ended up picking a lot of it up.)

What is the silly Mimic.

I played it, not my “cousins”.


I gotta agree with Wetzel, although George’s answer is correct.