FIRST Jeopardy 2.0! (RULES OF PLAY; LAST UPDATED 10/11/2004)

Last updated: October 11, 2004. All changes appear in red.

Yay, 2.0! Alright, brand new scoring system. A long time ago, it was suggested to me that all questions be open to everybody via PMing the answer to me. Well, we’re varying that a little. First off, to clear the “checking for time” thingie, all questions will be asked at 10:00pm (22:00) eastern give or take a couple minutes. Every day, I’ll toss out a question and the point value. You PM me the answer in the form of a question. Occasionally, I’ll toss out a bonus which is really just that: a bonus. You don’t need to answer it, it’ll just give you a few more points if you happen to know it. The new catch: you only have 50 minutes to answer the question from when I put it up. The other new catch: scoring is based on time. The first person to answer will be to only person to get the full point value. For everyone else, the score is chopped in half, and for every minute after I post the question, it degrades by 2% (don’t worry, it’ll make sense once we do a few). After 50 minutes, that’s 100% point degradation (IOW, worth nothing). You won’t lose points if you get the question wrong, however, the number of questions you got wrong over the month will affect the number of points you can get for a correct Final Jeopardy answer at the end of the month. Keep in mind I can only accept your first PM as an answer. Sometime after time has elapsed (most likely the next day), I’ll post the answer, whomever got it right, and the points they got. If I miss putting up a question, I will put it up on the earliest even numbered hour possible.

Monthly format is unchanged. That’s the regular Jeopardies, followed by 4 Double Jeopardies, and a Final Jeopardy. If you do not get a correct answer during the month, you cannot participate in Final Jeopardy. Two theme weeks and two Daily Doubles will be thrown in there as well (the Daily Double doubles everything). At the end of the month I’ll announce the winners and post a running tab. If you change your Chief Delphi screen name, please let me know so I can update my scoresheet. If something comes up, I’ll make an ammendment to the rules. Other than that, that’s about it.

Note that all monthly negative scores between May 2004 and September 2004 were changed to a score of 1 for the month (due to incorrect answers no longer giving negative points).

All posts will stay in the Trivia Game forum as its own archive. If you have any disputes, questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to e-mail or PM me.