FIRST Jeopardy! (2/1)

Okay, I am 10 days behind. It was a rather hecktic week due to personal reasons. I wan’t to be adventurous with what I missed, so, tomorrow, I will start with this here thread. I’ll ask a question. You’ll PM me your answer (normal rules will apply). There will be 10 questions tomorrow, and I’ll put a new one up every hour or so. Not sure how the points will be kept, but I’ll make sure that if you answer them all correctly, you’ll get points for it.

Has anyone thought of using something like IRC and making a bot for it? that would be cool :smiley:

Hmm… I’ll look into that. Anyway, I never planned for it to start this late, so it may go past midnight. I’ll start with an easy one: For 100, the sun god of ancient egypt. Remember, PM the answer to me!!!

The correct answer is Ra.