FIRST Jeopardy! (4/12)

For 200 in board games (aka, the far ends of theme week ideas), this person is always dead at the beginning of a game of Clue.

Who is Mr. Boddy?

In the American version of the game called “Clue” and the movie of the same name, the murder victim is named Mr. Body or Mr. Boddy.

In the original version called “Cluedo”, the victim’s name was Dr. Black.

So, since I can not edit this post for some reason and I just figured out that I did not put my answer in the form of a question, AND since Katie already said Mr. Body, I will say:

Who is Dr. Black?

Boy, did that movie inhale audibly. Ruling: I did ask for “Clue”, which implies the American/english version. So points go to Katie. But an interesting piece of trivia from Elgin. :slight_smile: