FIRST Jeopardy! (4/2)

We’re actually caught up! Now I can do this again: check back around 22:00 EST. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go figure, the first time I can do that in weeks, and I give a typo… Anyhow, for 500, the first Liberty class merchant marine ship to be commisioned.

What is the S.S. O’Brien? (It is the only Liberty that is ocming to my head right now :frowning: )

What is the SS Patrick Henry?

Ugly things, but hella cheap and fast to build.

The parts were prefabed all over the country and then assembled and welded together over about 2 months.

One was assembeled in 4.5 days. Think about that, these were 14 million pound boats, and one was put together in 4.5 days.

Hows that for a compressed build schedule!

Thats it for my random trivia. Katie got it right.


Yeah, but they weren’t armed (at least until the larger Victory class came out) and used old steam engines. So U-Boats still took their fair share. Still an interesting history lesson though. Katie is correct.