FIRST Jeopardy! (4/22)

Check back at the ripe old time of midnight EDT.

A little late. Anyhow, for 200, this person was the first to submit a question used in FIRST Jeopardy.

Who is Pat Fairbank?? I will die if I get this right… lol

What Are the standings anywho? Haven’t seen any posted in quite some time!

They’re “stickied” up top in this forum.


Nice use of Eddieism there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, the answer is SarahB. She gave me a question at River Rage last year which I used that night (9/6). A week later was when I put that I was accepting FIRST Jeopardy questions in my signiture, and now I get a few every month. Yay, history lessons!

Ah ha, oh… ok… Yeah, the only thing I saw that was public on the forums here was that a theme one week was submitted by Pat Fairbank. Oh well.

Well there goes tomorrows question…