FIRST Jeopardy! (5/19)

Today, we travel to physics land. For 200 points, tell me who came up with the 3 laws of planetary motion. An open bonus is available too. 200 points if anyone can tell me those 3 laws.


Kepler’s 3 Laws of Planetary Motion

  1. Every planet follows a path, or orbit, around the sun. The path of each planet is an ellipse.

  2. Planets move faster when they are close to the sun than when they are far away from the sun.

  3. The time it takes for a planet to make one complete revolution around the sun is the planet’s period. The squares of the planet’s periods of revolution are proportional to (have the same ratio as) the cubes of the planets’ average distances from the sun.

Nicely done you two. 200 points are heading to both of you.