FIRST Jeopardy! (5/4)

FotoPlasma got yesterday’s anwer right. It was pi. This should be the last one in the chit-chat forum if Brandon decides to put up a sub-forum. :slight_smile:

A quick recap of the rules: every day, I’ll ask a question, and give it a point value. The first person to post with the correct answer will gain that amount of points. Occasionally, I’ll toss out a bonus relating to the question which, unless otherwise noted, only the answerer can take (of course, if he answers the basic question wrong, the bonus is still up for grabs assuming you can answer that basic question). The correct answer will be posted in the next day’s thread (please, no bumping up past threads once they’re dead).

Here’s one for the chemists out there. 200 points goes out to the person who tells me what TNT stands for. And how about 100 bonus points if you can spell it right? 300 points up for grabs today.

TriNitroToluene? Or something or another…

Trinitrotoluene. Did I spell it right?

Edit: Grr… beat me to it… there wasn’t a response yet, when I hit Reply