FIRST Jeopardy! (5/6)

OneAngryDaisy got yesterday’s question and it’s bonus right. The Sims is the best selling computer game of all time, and last year, it was Myst that was surpassed.

A quick recap of the rules: every day, I’ll ask a question, and give it a point value. The first person to post with the correct answer will gain that amount of points. Occasionally, I’ll toss out a bonus relating to the question which, unless otherwise noted, only the answerer can take (of course, if he answers the basic question wrong, the bonus is still up for grabs assuming you can answer that basic question). The correct answer will be posted in the next day’s thread (please, no bumping up past threads once they’re dead).

We got a quick and easy one today. Let’s go back into history and tell me, for 100 points, what the first English settlement in America was.

that place at plymouth rock??

:smiley: what a stretch that was

Well… that would be Roanoke, which though it did not survive as a settlement, preceded Jamestown by at least 30 years, and Plymouth by a good 50.

In case Roanoke is invalid, I’ll answer Jamestown.

It was Roanoke :smiley: