FIRST Jeopardy! (6/2)

I want this one in the form of a question, or no credit. :slight_smile: Today we have animals for 300. Tell me what hippophobia is.

What is the fear of horses?

Psst …
A: This is the fear of horses
Q: What is hippophobia?

A: Hippophobia is the fear of this.
Q: What are horses?

or some other similair structure–but “Tell me what hippophobia is” seems like you want “the fear of horses”, not “what is the fear of horses?”

Just chiming in :slight_smile:

PS. I hope I’m not the only one who just assumed it would be the fear of hippopotamuses!

I was going to guess the fear of Hiphop music, but thats why I am bad at trivia games.

-Andy A.

Good point, Stephen. I’ll keep those in mind. Daisy, here’s your 300 points.