FIRST Jeopardy! (8/5)

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For 100, by the year 1400, it was noted that this was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.

what is germany?

What is the Holy Roman Empire?

*Originally posted by Ryan Dognaux *
**What is the Holy Roman Empire? **

Seeing as how it no longer exists…

What was the Holy Roman Empire?

Yea yea yea…:stuck_out_tongue:

What is France?

George, it wasn’t Germany back then (infact, there was no Germany up until the 19th Century). And I don’t really care about grammar unless it totally makes the answer different, so Ryan, welcome to the scoreboard.

Yeah, I know… I read the question too quick and didn’t think it would be fair to reply again to correct it.

Congrats, Ryan =-]

I don’t see why you can’t answer again. It’s not in the rules, and unless someone really abuses it, I don’t plan on putting it there.